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The Process of a House/Building Wash

Every business in this industry has a similar yet slightly different process when it comes to a House/Building Wash Treatment.

Pro Clean & Clear's process for cleaning any house or building is to first start by spraying any vegetation with fresh water. This helps protect the life of any vegetation around the house or building.

Once all the vegetation is freshly watered, we then spray the outside of the house or building with a small percentage of Sodium Hydrochloride (also known as Bleach). Coating the siding from bottom to top. Once this coat is applied it must dwell for a couple of minutes. After it has dwelled on the siding another employee comes around to the siding with just fresh water to rinse the side off from top to bottom while also respraying any vegetation.

We follow this process all the way around the entire building. Conducting our House/Building Wash Treatment this way makes the treatment process effective and efficient while preserving the life of any vegetation.